When to consult gynecologist?

  • Prior to onset of sex life. Gynecologist can help to choose optimal contraceptive and to learn about all aspects of sex life, existing infections and possible pregnancy. You start bearing responsibility not only for your own, but also for your partner’s and your possible children’s health upon onset of sex life.

  • Onset of sex life. Every woman needs personal doctor. It is required to undergo examination regularly, even if nothing bothers you, you practice safe sex and are sure of your partner. Full examination is advisable upon start of sex life. Full examination (of vagina and cervix in particular) is recommended once sex life begins. Examinations like this are keys to your good health in future.

  • Planning pregnancy. Conception of a child is a major step. A full examination is required to make sure your body is prepared for pregnancy.

  • When complaints emerge. Any kind of discomfort, pain, excretions and other concerns are a serious reason to make an appointment with gynecologist. It is better to come because of a problem that doesn’t exist than let infection or disease develop.


It’s recommended to visit gynecologist once per 6 months even if you have perfect health and no complaints. Late visit to the doctor is the main issue for most patients, as it makes treatment much more complicated.



How can gynecologist help you?

  • Preventive examination.

  • Preoperative examination and hospitalizing.

  • Treatment and diagnostics of inflammatory disease.

  • Cervical ectropion.

  • Condyloma removal.

  • Pregnancy rapid diagnostics.

  • Examination and treatment of hormonal disbalance.

  • Treatment of menstrual cycle issues.

  • Choosing contraception and personal advice.

  • Preparation for pregnancy.

  • Cancer prevention.


It is very important to find the doctor you are able to trust and frankly tell about all issues and worries. Don’t hesitate to put questions and ask for help, as doctor’s main goal is for you to be healthy.