Antenatal care

Woman’s body changes during pregnancy, and these changes affect both present and the future. Usually, pregnancy lasts for 42 weeks or 9 months. This entire term requires supervision of obstetrician-gynecologist.


What does prospective mother need?

  • Constant obstetrician-gynecologist supervision for regular medical advice and psychological help.

  • Laboratory diagnostics: clinical blood test, hepatitis test, infections test, general urine test. Examinations are done regularly to diagnose fetal malformations at early stages.

  • Instrumental examinations: pregnancy screening on weeks 11-13 and 18-21, colposcopy, coagulogram, genetical pregnancy screening and others.

  • Profile experts’ advice. Those are therapist, ophthalmologist, neuropathologist, endocrinologist, otolaryngologist.




These 9 months are the most important defining factors of baby’s future health and life. Woman’s body needs all of its inner resources, so any unfavorable influence can harm future of both mother and her child. That’s why you need an experienced and knowledgeable obstetrician-gynecologist by your side during these 42 weeks and delivery itself.