How to prepare for pregnancy?

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Almost every young family dreams of giving birth to a child. Every obstetrician is going to tell that a woman should prepare for this event beforehand. Child’s and mother’s health depend on it. Many people think that healthy lifestyle is going to solve all the problems. This is true, but not entirely. Experts claim that preparation should start from birth, as many childhood diseases might influence pregnancy.

Prepare for pregnancy the right way

It should be understood that the mother and the child are the ones that need this preparation, not the doctor. This event should be approached responsibly. Expert’s questions must be answered honestly, and his advice must be followed.

Where to start and how preparation for pregnancy looks in Odessa:

  1. Choose the doctor. This is the main and the most important decision. Good expert is going to help you solve all the problems, overcome all fears and answer all questions you might ask.
  2. Both prospective mother and father should quit bad habits: drinking alcohol, taking drugs, both passive and active smoking.
  3. Undergo medical examination. Gynecologist will provide with the list of the doctors.
  4. Do blood and urine tests. Make sure you have no sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Oral contraceptives must not be taken for at least 3 months prior to conception. Intrauterine spiral should be removed 6 months prior.
  5. If woman hasn’t had rubella, she should get vaccinated.
  6. It is necessary to point out every chronic disease, even if it seems they are not related to the upcoming pregnancy.
  7. Seek geneticist advice.
  8. Any diet should be replaced with healthy balanced nutrition before planning pregnancy. Active women that keep their bodies in good shape will handle pregnancy and delivery much easier.
  9. Heal all teeth. Caries isn’t just source of infection in the mouth. It’s much harder to heal teeth during pregnancy - it’s an additional stress and anesthesia has a bad influence on the fetus.
  10. Stay away from hard physical labor, stresses and overtime.

Many women are completely sure that a well-balanced diet is all they need. But that’s not entirely true. Pregnant woman must take vitamins for her own health and for fetus to develop properly.

подготовка к беременности

Psychological issues

If physical health is great, it doesn’t mean that the same goes for psychological health. Gynecologist Yryna Rudenko advises to check yourself and answer the following questions:

  • Is woman able to leave her job for an indefinite period?
  • Is it possible to not think about financial issues during and some time after pregnancy?
  • Is pregnant able to concentrate on pregnancy, delivery and health of her child, out of all the troubles and issues she has?
  • Can prospective mother count on support of her closest people?

Pregnancy should be accompanied by pleasant emotions and feelings, not constant troubles and issues. Child is a fruit of love and tenderness. Therefore, pregnancy should not be perceived as a hard work, but rather the happiest life period that will be over very soon.