Planned caesarean section

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Thank you for visiting our website. My goal is to help women fulfill their dreams of motherhood and to help every family have a healthy baby. Some women are incapable of or do not want to give birth in a natural way. This is where cesarean section comes in.

Planned caesarean. How to recover after cesarean section

Cesarean section is an operation with pleasant result. Like any other operation, cesarean section comes with risks to fetus and woman and may lead to complications. That’s why special attention should be given to choosing a doctor.

This operative intervention can be divided into 3 main stages:

  • Preparation;
  • Operation;
  • Recovery.

Preparation and operation

If a woman is going to undergo caesarean section in Odessa, no matter the reasons, she should prepare thoroughly. She should come to a hospital well-rested and on an empty stomach, with all the documents and the things she might need. Check-up should be received a week prior to operation. Tests should be done the day before. A woman mustn’t eat or drink for a minimum of 8 hours prior to operation.

Pregnant receives anesthetic. Modern types are:

  • Spinal anesthesia – anesthetic blocks spinal roots. Maternity patient is conscious but doesn’t feel pain.
  • Epidural anesthesia – the drug is injected into epidural space through catheter.
  • General anesthesia – the drug is injected into a vein. Maternity patient is unconscious.

Doctor then cuts abdominal wall and uterus, opens up amniotic sac. If everything goes well, the operation takes no longer than 40 minutes.


кесарево сечение

Postoperative period and recovery

Woman should expect pain during the postoperative period. Uterine contractions and placental abruption wound are accompanied by pain caused by surgical intervention. First few days after the procedure aren’t easy for a new mother. It’s hard to turn around, cough and even breathe deep. Depending on the way woman feels, doctor prescribes treatment that includes anesthetics and antibiotics. Packed red blood cells and plasma transfusion will be performed if needed.

Doctor is carefully monitoring the state of maternity patient during 8 hours after the operation, as there’s a high chance of bleeding. Gynecologist Yryna Rudenko advises her patients to start moving several hours after the operation: try to turn from side to side, raise your hands and legs. Women are already siting, getting up and walking in 6-7 hours, though with some help. Postoperative bandage is going to help ease the pain. Stitches are removed on days 6-7 after procedure and maternity patient can go home.

Women must keep in mind certain rules to avoid complications:

  • Nutrition. During the 24 hours after the operation, woman must only drink water. For the next 3 days she could eat porridge and broth. After that she should follow the ration of a nursing mother.
  • No sauna, bath and swimming pool for 1,5 months after cesarean section.
  • No intense physical activity. If a woman wants to get back into shape, she shouldn’t hurry. It is better to wait for 2 months before getting back to fitness training.
  • Suspend intimate relationships for 1,5-2 months.

If patient carefully follows medical advice, postoperative period will bring the bare minimum of negative consequences.