Iryna Rudenko is the best obstetrician-gynecologist in Odessa. These days, when women’s interests aren’t limited to home and family but stretch far and wide, the stress their bodies experience increases manyfold. It’s great that now women get the chance to actualize themselves not only as wives and mothers. At the same time, we should keep in mind that only a woman can bear and give birth to a child. Health and well-being of future generations depend entirely upon how healthy and prepared for motherhood modern woman is. The first thing a woman needs to do to be truly happy is to take care of her overall health, and her reproductive system in particular. Trust the professional The most reliable way of preventing disease and maintaining good reproductive system health is a healthy lifestyle and regular medical examinations. Many years of experience show that for a lot of women seeing doctor is a big stress and they put it off until facing unpleasant symptoms. It is highly recommended to find the gynecologist you’re comfortable with to make seeing him no big deal. Obstetrician-gynecologist Yryna Rudenko M.D. helps women to maintain and preserve their health while they keep achieving their goals. Yryna Rudenko performs her professional activity in Odessa at Maternity Hospital №2. Medical center offers following services: · Gynecology in Odessa (hormonal disorders, noncarrying of pregnancy, conservative gynecology, contraception, surgery); · infertility diagnosing and treatment in Odessa; · preparation for pregnancy in Odessa; · antenatal care in Odessa; · delivery in Odessa. Healthy pregnancy Getting pregnant is a long-awaited and happy event for every family. It is well-known that conditions of pregnancy such as climate, nutrition, psychological environment and others affect it, delivery, postpartum period and shape future child’s health. Once woman has decided to have a child, she must make sure that her body is prepared to conception, carrying of pregnancy and delivery. Comprehensive examination and gynecologist advice are required to prevent possible complications. Unfortunately, approximately 20% of young couples face infertility. Modern methods of female infertility diagnostics and treatment paired with highly professional doctors of our clinic lead to successful pregnancy in 95% of cases. It is very important to recognize the problem in time and seek help. Antenatal care Woman needs all-round support and supervision once she gets pregnant. It is very important for a woman to receive answers to all of her questions. Antenatal care includes: · pregnant and fetus health diagnostics; · physical preparation for delivery; · improvement of pregnant woman’s health, medical and psychological help; · compiling rehabilitation programs. Together with her attending doctor, woman can do a lot to help her body cope with delivery well, recover from it and prepare for breastfeeding. Modern programs for pregnant women include therapeutic exercises, breath exercises and counseling psychology, helping to prepare the body for delivery. Delivery is a very complicated process, as it exerts tremendous amounts of physical and psycho-emotional stress. The main goal of obstetrician-gynecologist is to prepare woman for delivery and postpartum period. For further details, please call +380502956626

MD, Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist

Iryna Rudenko

Planning pregnancy

Medical examination, nutrition, psychological and physical preparation, lifestyle

Antenatal care

Medical advice, tests, regimen, expert fetal ultrasound


Birth plan, relieving the pains, cesarean section, post-natal care


Hormonal imbalance, miscarriage, conservative gynecology, contraception

Iryna Rudenko

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, Doctor of Medicine, Professor

  • Education

    Odessa National Medical University
    Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration
  • Professional Experience

    2000–2008 — Odessa City Maternity Hospital #1
    2008-2019 — Odessa City Maternity Hospital #2
    from 2019 — Thumbay University Hospital, Ajman, UAE
  • Specialization

    Pregnancy planning and antenatal care; delivery; pregnancy loss, infertility, gynecological pathology treatment

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Postpartum recovery

Postpartum period is very important for both baby and its mother. An expert should help a woman recover from delivery, establish connection with the baby and teach how to take care of it.

Nutrition management

Balanced nutrition is a very important component of well-being of prospective mother and her child. The body needs different products in different periods.

How to prepare for pregnancy?

Almost every young family dreams of giving birth to a child. Every obstetrician is going to tell that a woman should prepare for this event beforehand. Child’s and mother’s health depend on it.




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